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Our Expertise in Developing Mobile Apps

The uses of mobile phones have increased to a large extent in this century. With the advent of science and technology various mobile phone companies are looking for ideas about what new app should be installed in their products so that they can beat the other products in the market. Logicwell Technologies has a team of experts that are very efficient in creating and developing new and creative mobile apps..

The importance and benefits of Mobile apps development

IOS development – IOS is a platform that can make everything work a lot faster and easier. This is the software that is the main basis of the world famous iPhone. For using interface IOS, it is a very easy trouble less process. Our team members are expert in this department. IOS provides more security and they only give us the best apps to use. In case of development purpose, IOS requires lot less resources. A good bond is formed between clients and company through IOS apps.

Android development – Very famous software that is used in many smartphones across the world is the android software and our team specializes in this department as well. Our company helps you to build and design advanced applications that are compatible with the android platform. The experience on web service integration like SOAP, REST, JSON, and XML is served. We also deliver our clients with the entire life cycle of an app that is concept, design, build, deploy, test, release to app stores and also we provide full support.

Phone gap development – We also provide Phone Gap solutions to many of our clients and they are quite satisfied with it. The platform that the phone gap platform uses are the HTML5, CSS3 and java script so there is no need to learn about new programming language. These apps are very easy to install and the hardware capabilities that are supported by this platform are camera, contacts, status bar, network, files, GPS and many more. This is also accessible for cross platform. Phone Gap has the advantage of having different libraries that makes it easier for the development of applications.

What Are The Services Provided By Logicwell Technologies In Mobile Application Development?

Easy marketing

Having a mobile app for a particular company is always a good sign of easy marketing. The clients of the company can access the company’s website or account at any time they want through these apps. This results in the increase of the brand value and business. Mobile app development is very necessary.

Trend of marketing

The introduction different mobile applications are setting the trend of future marketing.

Improvement of services

Through these mobile apps companies can now connect with their clients on an easy basis which leads to better service

Improvement of sales

Development of mobile apps is directly proportional to the rise in sales of any company.

Social platform creation

Invention of new and innovative mobile app results in the increment of social platform.

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